17 Oct 2012

Cute One Shoulder Style of Formal Dresses: a Dream for Women

The cute long formal dresses in unique one shoulder style are surely fashionable designs in the 80’s eyes. As we all know that the 80’s girls and boys are rushing to the street and begin to stand on the stage of the society. Now as a new times girl, I am pleased to show my modest aesthetic sensibility. Some beautiful dresses, especially the one shoulder formal dresses, like the shining stars which twinkled against the dark sky. The flirted style makes the formal dresses not so tedious. The gorgeous gown is always the major topic of the girls. As we all know, the clothes, the gossip and the handsome boys are three main themes. Some unique formal gowns have been the stuff which can add some beauty to the girls and make them show off their best side before the handsome boys. As far as I am concerned, the formal gowns of the 1980s are demanded to be full of personalities and speciality. Some extra fabric and accessories are added to the design. The main colour of the gowns you opt for your big and important occasions can be dazzling yellow, cool deep blue, shining gold, sweet pink and mysterious black, which are all full of charm and speciality. Some decorations can be extra beauty for the formal gowns. There are a lot of beautiful embellishments, such as the sequined sweetheart bodice, a pink bow on the left waist part, a beaded shoulder and some pleated bodice styles are all so fantastic. As for the fabrics, you can select the velvets, lightweight chiffon or silk and glassy satins. I love the chiffon gowns so much. It is flowing in the wind.

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