28 May 2012

Elizabeth Arden launch of a summer limited edition fragrance of green tea, cherry blossom perfume, as if exposure to the cherry trees in full bloom, emitting a sweet and charming feminine.

Continuation of an annual summer limited green tea fragrance craze in the summer of 2012, Elizabeth Arden, launched the 11th summer limited edition fragrance - green tea, cherry perfume, inspired from the cherry blossom season in Japan, adds elegant attracted to soft elements, meticulous aesthetic and soft cherry joined the world of green tea, a blend of delicate floral and citrus tone Qinren
Heart and green tea fragrance, a new interpretation of the soft delicate scent, as if exposure to the cherry trees in full bloom, emitting a sweet and charming feminine.
In the summer of 2012, Elizabeth Arden green tea fragrance launched 11 Summer Limited is also the most gentle Oriental-style green tea cherry perfume, inspired from the classic Japanese cherry blossom season, the master perfumer pink cherry blossom is full of sweet and gentle delicate fragrance into the fresh flavor of green tea aroma, showing elegant and charming feminine, like proximity to its
Environment and feel of the cherry trees in full bloom, the petals gentle fall brought about by the mellow flavor.
Green tea, cherry perfume "Mexican Perfumer Luodejige, Foluo Si Hou (Rodrigo Flores, Roux,), long-term perfumers in Paris, France, the United States, New York, also green tea Oz perfume, green tea lotus perfume, green tea Lavender Magic Pushing Hands. Luodejige Foluo Si Hou said: "I want to capture and pass on the tradition of cherry blossom season in Japan with the classic" light and gorgeous beauty of the cherry blossoms, spring scenery of the most oriental exoticism, feminine style of the best endorsements, Luodejige · Foluo Si Hou re-interpretation of a modern scent of the first fresh green tea, creating both a fresh, detailed yet full of sweet feminine romantic new fragrance: "like being in the spectacular and mysterious beauty of elegant cherry forest dance in the warm sun, soft petals falling like rain dotted the earth. "soft and light cherry flavor to join the world of green tea perfume, a blend of sweet and vibrant, not only to maintain the original green tea, more lingering fresh floral notes, a new interpretation of this olfactory feast. Feel of clouds Wuban soft elegant sight, but there is a rich level of unexpected, perfect show purely a woman's fresh, full of sweet happiness, people fascinated.
"Green Tea cherry perfume with a citrus scent to the vibrant pink petals shine femininity exudes a charming pink and feminine. The quiet dream of a light sherbet pink tones, and at the same time capturing the fresh aroma of rich green tea. Bottle filled with straightforward soft feelings of girls, cherry matte finish to beat in the classic green tea bottle body exudes elegant femininity.

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