21 Apr 2012

Ferragamo Jewelry

Recently, the fashion industry and the birth of a great and historic cooperation. Italy's top footwear brand Salvatore Ferragamo were invited to attend the new fine jewelry jewelry designer, Gianni Bulgari, work together to build luxury series!

Hall brand and talented designer, Gianni Bulgari cooperation launched Futurista Vara and Gancino three fine jewelry series. Glance, the family name by definition has a direct relationship with the classic logo, Gianni Bulgari 'and as a basis of creation, re-interpretations through modern aesthetic practices, and explore new graphical concept. First classic: Futurista collection is inspired from one of the most important brand identity, that is very futuristic brand label, Gianni Bulgari 'injected into the hollow element, with a so-called "spider web Spider Web, with silver wire as a "spider silk", the classic pattern of remodeling futuristic master Lucio Venna in the 1930s as a brand design, bracelets and pendants to create a three-dimensional optical illusion.

The second classic: the name of classic shoes and buckle Vara series, selection of sterling silver, platinum and diamond jewelry pattern lines are soft and smooth, like a the Vara metal decorative buckle grosgrain bow. The third classic: Gancino series transformation and re-decorated handbag hasp and lock design, gold, pink gold, diamonds, or semi-precious stones as the main material to create a series of rings, bracelets, and men with cufflinks.

Regarded as a golden opportunity for this cooperation, the President by Ferruccio Ferragamo, Salvatore Ferragamo Group: "These works have a value concept, highlighting the exquisite technology, and is an extension of the 'Made in Italy'." More transparent Dang, Gianni Bulgari 'cooperation to promote the development of the jewelery business. , Gianni Bulgari ', said: "is a very valuable and exciting experience, with silver as a raw material, this metal is a very elegant and beautiful material for my opinion, it is seldom used in the field of luxury goods."

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